Yuwei Shi

Dr. Yuwei Shi is Dean and Professor of Strategic Management His research focuses on competitive strategy, high-tech venture and business model development and evaluation. He has published over three dozen papers in peer-reviewed journals and a number of books and chapters. Dr. Shi has taught MBA and doctoral programs in nearly a dozen universities across the globe, in addition to having won the Excellence in Teaching Award at the Monterey Institute in 2008, and the Allen Griffith Teaching Award in 2009.

Dr. Shi is Board Director of Scholarly Exchange, a web services company based in Brookline, MA. He is Advising Partner at Indachin, an investment advisory firm with offices in Hong Kong, London, Geneva, and Silicon Valley in California. Dr. Yuwei Shi earned his Bachelor of Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Master of Comparative Law from the Dedmen School of Law at Southern Methodist University, and Ph.D. in Organization, Strategy and International Management from University of Texas at Dallas. He speaks Mandarin and English.

Florin Muresan
Florin Muresan is the founder and CEO of Squirrly, a company that offers a SEO plugin aiming to make blogging easier and more rewarding. He is experienced in Product Development, Metrics, UX, Gamification and Inbound Marketing. For more details on Squirrly please visit http://www.squirrly.co.
Hedi Hoka
Hedi Hoka, doctor în psihologie, coach, trainer, public speaker și autor. Hedi este un coach experimentat, specializat în leadership, stimularea creativității și inovării antreprenoriale, educație antreprenorială, precum și dezvoltare personală și face parte și din Catedra de Psihologie Aplicată, din cadrul Universității Babeș-Bolyai Cluj-Napoca.
Grație experienței dobândite atât în practica coaching-ului, cât și în dezvoltarea coaching-ului ca domeniu de cercetare, Hedi Hoka propune o abordare unică a cunoștințelor și teoriei, cu aplicare practică profesională și personală.


Marcelus Suciu
An impressive number of diplomas and distinctions, Magna cum Laude from San Jose State University, countless published articles, excellent organisational, communication and managerial skills, all these are only a few of the elements that define Marcelus Suciu; the man who, with a technical and equally practical spirit, as well as a mind ready to find solutions at most unexpected problems, has managed, in small but steady steps, to build success stories and projects worthy to offer as examples.With investments in various fields, Marcelus Suciu is the owner of the famous chain Marty Restaurants, based on a series of concepts in the Romanian market. Having solid and well structured organisational values it has grown, step by step, from 17 to 300 employees and an increasing number of services. Aside these, Marcelus is actively and permanently involved in the community life, from stepping in the political arena to helping children with spinal amiotrophy, through a family founded association.
Antonia Onaca
Antonia Onaca
“Salut! Sunt Anto. De imediat 10 ani antreprenor, intraprenor si antreprenor din nou. Azi imi zic Solutionist pentru ca cred ca e foarte fain sa analizezi lucruri si sa le gasesti solutii noi si creative. Cred ca oamenii faini si informatia buna sunt peste tot si tot ce au nevoie e contextul potrivit unde sa se intalneasca si sa creeze noi aha-ha-uri” facebook.com/think.ahaha
Bogdan Oros
Bogdan Oros
Bogdan is the cofounder of TxtFeedback and OnyxBeacon. He is experienced in product development and sales in international markets. For more details please visit: http://txtfeedback.net/ or http://www.onyxbeacon.com/
Deni Lenard
Denes Lenard
Denes is one of the founders of WebFoo, a company that delivers services of interface design and commercial design to clients from the EU, for 5 years now. His education was a mix of Romanian, German and Hungarian values. This is why he believes in the advantages of tackling problems from several different viewpoints. His formal education is just as diverse: he has degrees in psychology, public relations and law. He also completed a Master program in entrepreneurship from Maastricht University in the Netherlands.
Andrei Roth
Andrei a studiat informatică la Cluj, apoi a obținut un BA de la Haas School of Business la University of California, Berkeley, unde si-a dezvoltat aptitudini de leadership în cadrul comunității de studenți internaționale, fondând prima organizație de studenți români.
Experiența sa constă în faptul că a creat un startup în domeniul turismului, a lucrat pentru Microsoft ca analist financiar și a fost director în business development și CFO în companii de telecomunicații. În prezent e manager într-o companie de software în Cluj, fiind extrem de activ în zona de start ups.Pasionat de antreprenoriat, aviație, economie politică și turism, Andi are o motivație majoră: aceea de a ajuta România să-și atingă potențialul prin valorificarea resursei umane, dar și prin protejarea și promovarea frumuseții naturale.

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